How to Set the TLD for N2D

Learn how to set the top-level domain when converting names to domains

Updated on September 7, 2020

What's a TLD?

TLD is top-level domain. It's the com, net, gov, edu part of the URL.

Reasons to Set TLD in N2D

There are 3 main applications for setting TLD in Name2Domain:


Upload a list and force N2D to return the best match on .edu. This way you don't have to sift through cases where a company name matches better than the school name.

International companies

Specify and you'll get the British version of the website. Otherwise the .com results are much more likely to match.

Government agencies

Force N2D to match .gov websites if you have a list of government agencies you need the websites for.

How to Set the TLD in 5 Easy Steps

  1. 1. Put a TLD column in your CSV format file


  1. 2. Name and create batch file as CSV in N2D


  1. 3. Click 'Upload data from file'


  1. 4. Click 'Confirm mapping' for the TLD field once the upload comes through

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  1. 5. Then, you should see this!


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